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Our job

Toho lamac receives information on sales trends and world fashion trends from national shops and incorporates that information directly into its new company plans, enabling it to create a wide product line-up to meet diverse and changing needs.

Our excellent designs are supported by our high quality materials. We have developed a structure for gathering leather, synthetic leather, metal fittings, ribbon and all varieties of shoe sole materials and other carefully selected materials from world markets.

Lamac puts its designs through a trial manufacturing process and checks and examines its shoes from various angles, including their fit when put on and when used for walking as well as their durability, comformity to brand tastes and fashion trends, color variation and price setting.

Lamac consults with buyers at its own display shows as well as at other seasonal exhibits held within the industry, and also makes contracts for the import of excellent products at overseas trade fairs.

For sales, as there is a different group of users for each shop, there is a need for a product line-up matched to each distribution system. Lamac has a management structure to meet these market characteristics.

Toho Lamac has affiliated factories located all over the world. There are factories in Asakusa, Kobe (main factory locations in Japan), Taiwan, South Korea, China, Asean (Association of South-East Asian Nations) nations, Italy, Spain and other countries.

Lamac supports its retail sales actvities through advertising and PR activities in fashion magazines and by distributing samples of its products.

Lamac is increasing its production overseas. In order to ensure a smooth distribution system which responds to strict seasonal control, Lamac is carefully monitoring the production process and import business and at the same time, stocking plenty of its mainstay products.