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1958 July. Toho Rubber Industries established. Commences sales of rubber-soled shoes manufactured by Toho Rubber Industries.
1960 Apr. Launches agency business for chemical shoes production department.
June. Establishes Saitama Sales Office.
1961 Feb. Establishes Kohriyama Sales Office in Fukushima Prefecture and Toho Rubber Sales Co.,Ltd.
Sep. Establishes Sendai Sales Office in Miyagi Prefecture.
1963 Jan. Establishes Wakamatsu Sales Office in Fukushima Prefecture.
Mar. Establishes Jonan Sales Office in Ota-Ku, Tokyo.
1964 Jan. Establishes Nishi-Nasuno Head Office in Tochigi Prefecture and Chofu Sales Office in Chofu City, Tokyo.
Apr. Moves to its present address as the company’s new office building is inaugurated in Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo.
Oct. Establishes Osaka Sales Office.
1965 Sep. Becomes affiliated with Toho Plastics Co., Ltd. and commences manufacture and sale of plastic shoes.
1966 Jan. With the inauguration of the new company outlet in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, Saitama, Jonan ana Chofu Sales Office.
June. Begins sales representative operation for leather shoes makers.
1969 Mar. Each sales office is designated as a branch office and the Tokyo Sales Office is named the Tokyo Kita Branch Office.
1970 Jan. Establishes Tokyo Minami Branch Office in a new building in Ota-Ku, Tokyo.
1971 Oct. Purchases a ferroconcrete building in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo where the Bussiness Office for Leather Products is established.
1972 Dec. Begins shoes import operation.
1973 Jan. The Osaka Sales Office is integrated into the Kobe Branch Office which is established in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.
1974 Dec. Establishes Nagaoka Branch Office in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture.
1976 June. With the completion of the Tokyo shoes Distribution Center, the Tokyo Minami Branch Office, Tokyo Kita Branch office,
a part of the Nishi-Nasuno Branch Office and the Product Department at the Business Office for Leather Products are integrated into the Tokyo Branch Office.
Oct. Moves Kobe Branch Office to Nagata-ku, Kobe City.
1979 June. Establishes Matsumoto Branch Office in Nagano Prefecture.
1980 Aug. Invests in the New Shinjuku-ya shoes store (retail chain store) make inroads into the retail business.
Sep. Invests in Toshin Co., Ltd.(shoes, apparel, trade business) make inroads into the trade business.
1983 Dec. The sales amount exceeds 10 billion yen at the fiscal end of December, 1983.
1985 July. Establishes the Nagoya Branch Office in Aichi prefecture.
Concludes a franchise contract with Hokkaido Toho Co., Ltd.
1987 Apr. Establishes Lamac Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary for the manufacture and sale of apparel.
1988 Jan. The company changes trade name from Toho Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. to Toho Lamac Co., Ltd.
1990 July. Main office building is completed. The main Marketing department is established at the Main Office and the Overseas Division specializing in trade is established.
1991 May. Third floor of Tokyo Branch Office entirely destroyed by fire.
1992 Dec. Sales exceeded 20 billion yen.
1994 Dec. Stock listed as an over-the-counter issue with the Securities Dealers Association of Japan.
1995 Jan. Kobe Branch Office destroyed by fire in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
1996 Nov. New Kobe Branch Office building completed.
1997 Mar. President Toshiharu Kasai inaugurated as Chairman of the Board of Directors; Shoji Kasai inaugurated as President.
June. First payment of interim dividend since listing of the company’s stock as an over-the-counter issue.
Aug. Tokyo Kita Branch Office established in Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama.
2002 Mar. Established shanghai office in shanghai, china.
Dec. Dissolved HOKKAIDO TOHO CO., LTD (Unconsolidated subsidiary), Established Sapporo branch office in Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo-shi.
2007 Mar.  Established Fukuoka Branch Office in Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
2008 July. 50th anniversary of foundation
2010 Sep.  Establishes LAMAC Hong Kong Limited in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.
2018 July.  60th anniversary of foundation.