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Recongnition of Social Respobsibility from the Beginning.

In 1958, when five employees in the sales department of Toho Rubber Industries launched the Company, their founding philosophy was "Invest together, manage together and work together." Our company name, LAMAC, was created from the first letters of Labor, Management and Capital, to reflect their founding philosophy in the name of the company. Since then, based on our management philosophy, the management process has been as open as possible for everyone to scrutinize, and the Company has taken pains to cultivate the enterprise's working environment so all its employees can always work as a unit, through measures such as universally distributing its balance sheets and monthly income statements.In the wide selection of products that we handle, such as synthetic-leather shoes and sports shoes for men, women and children, our synthetic-leather shoes, in particular, have maintained a majority share of the market for twenty years or so. The Company's annual sales reached 20 billion yen in the 1992 fiscal year, and our stock was listed as an over-the-counter issue in December,1994.Today, when there is a demand that enterprises be transparent in both directions, toward the inside of the company, and toward the outside of the company, as well, we will achieve sound strength as a company of social importance, and will contribute greatly to people's lives and culture as a special trading company for shoes.

Shoji Kasai

Name Toho Lamac Co.,Ltd.
Established July 5,1958
Capital 961,720,000 yen
Employees 112
Business activity Trading company specializing in various types of and shoes including sneakers, men's shoes and women's shoes.(import and export included)
Settlement of Accounts December
Adress 3-42-6 Yushima,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo (Head Office)
Board of Directors Shoji Kasai (President)
Yuichi Takano (Director)
Nobutaka Kasai (Director)
Eriko Kitayama (Outside Director)
Yuko Aizawa (Outside Director)
Kimiko Tanaka(Outside Director)
Ken Ito (Fuii-time Auditor)
Hiroka Machida (Auditor)
Satoshi Tamai (Auditor)
Affiliated Banks The Mizuho Bank,Ltd. (Ueno Branch)


  • Main Products
All purpose shoes for men, women and children
  • Consitituent ratio of products handled

Women's shoes 60.5%
men's shoes 20.9%
Rubber shoes 2.9%
Others 15.7%