“SHOEZOO” is Environmentally-conscious brand for active woman. The concept is Funny element and based on comfort like as healing through animals.

“hocco” is a genuine leather shoes with a sense of nuance and warm handmade feeling. And then “hocco” is a natural and relaxed casual shoe.

“SONIA PARENTI” incorporate the trends into wide variation of styles and put much value on comfortable fitting for 20s to 50s lady.

“&Rouge” is elegance style brand debut in 2011 spring-summer season. Rouge is special items that are only allowed in woman. You can performance for yourself nice than anyone with “& Rouge”.

Basic style pumps collection with high functionality emphasis and comfort for office work and daily life. “Fit Partner” concept is “Shoes is always a partner to walk with you”.

Teens girl is sensitive to the fashion and favorite Cute things. So “B.C.COMPANY” expanded the items that can be used in various applications for thing of the design from the most basic.

NICE CLAUP supply a latest fashion that girls want now, and provide fancy style could be exciting.  In addition, high trend design and good quality feeling is available at a lower price.

‘mc marie claire’ is a fashion magazine first published in France 1937.  This brand image target is modern lady who has intelligence and flexible feeling, and combined sophisticated styling and feminine sense.


Little girl also want to enjoy dressing up as well as adult.Apricot is a Junior shoes brand targeting fashion conscious girls.Contain a many fancy factors and add an accent on ordinary coordinate.


Keds represents the American casual life style and gain popularity among young people.
Simple, freshness and familiarity is the theme of this brand.


Build on the concept of a bit snobbish gentlemen, and LEON provide rich and smart business model with Italian leather and distinct shape shoes last.

This brand name comes from British historical stage theater ‘ROYAL ALBERT HALL ’ in London. ALBERT HALL provide a British and street casual Men’s shoes.